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Grappa Marolo Grappa di Barolo 12 Year Old 100 Proof 750ml


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Paolo Marolo is the inspired orchestrator of grappa distillation, arranging harmonies of aroma and flavor through a sensitive balancing of technique and passion. Using his nose, his hands and his palate, he creates elegant variations on the theme of grappa, ensuring that each bottling-- from each year's harvests of grapes from various renowned wine regions of italy--is original and unique. The grappas of Paolo Marolo are essentially the fruit of his great love for his work as a "Mestro Grappaiolo".

Today the Santa Teresa distillery is testimony to Paolo Marolo's ability to create an artful fusion of artisanal, traditional techniques with modern equipement. Marolo's vision also means giving his beautifully fashioned grappas the benefit of a marketing approach that reflects a perspective of looking ahead to a future of grappa-making that will be efficient and dynamic.
Marrying tradition and modernity, Marolo's constant search for new images to reflect the character of his grappas led to the choice of maestro Gianni Gallo as designer of the labels. The exquisite images, which artfully complement the traditional classic shape of the bottles retained by Marolo, have done their part toward contributing to the history of the distillery.


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