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Chacra was created by Piero Incisa della Rocchetta in 2004 with the intention of finding the most unobstructed expression of the climate, micro-climate, and terrior of Mainqué in the Río Negro region of Patagonia.
Respecting the environment by following biodynamic and organic principles, Piero strives to make wines that are transparent, pure, delicate, and floral with a strong minerality.
The quest for a unique terroir was over: with ungrafted vines dating back to 1932, planted by massale selection, with grapes of immense quality, vibrant luminosity, pure water, strong winds, Mainqué had the potential to make the wines of which he dreamed. Here, Piero could make wines that could truly convey the taste of “a place on the planet.”
Later, what began as a conversation between friends, has turned into a partnership with
esteemed Burgundian Chardonnay producer Jean-Marc Roulot joining Piero in Patagonia in planting, farming, and vinification of Chardonnay at Chacra. This newest chapter in Chacra’s story is more than just an expansion of a winery or the productions of new wines, it is a story of a friendship.
Piero is the grandson of Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, creator of Sassacaia. His grandfather embued in Piero an understanding of fine wines and a respect for and responsibility to nature. He implemented sustainable farming and nature preservation in Bolgheri and was the author of numerous books on the subject. Piero’s beloved memories of childhood - nature, vineyards, family meals - certainly molded him. Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta serves as a mentor and example to Piero.
Bodega Chacra 'Mainque' Chardonnay Patagonia 2020
Bodega Chacra 'Mainque' Chardonnay Patagonia 2020 $68
The soils of the Mainque Chardonnay parcels are a touch sandier than those in the Chacra with a combination of sand, clay, pebbles, and pebbles covered in calcareous matter. It is fermented in barrel with only 70% malolactic achieved, spending eleven months in mostly second and third use French oak barrels.
Bodegas Chacra 'Chara' Chardonnay Patagonia 2020
Bodegas Chacra 'Chara' Chardonnay Patagonia 2020 $135.00
Chacra Chardonnay comes from 40 year old vines in mineral soils with alluvial stones covered in calcaire. It was fermented in barrel with 100% malolactic, spending eleven months in mostly second and third use French oak barrels.
Jean Marc Roulot consults for the Chardonnays.
Bodegas Chacra 'Barda' Patagonia 2020
Bodegas Chacra 'Barda' Patagonia 2020 $30.00
Barda is made from fruit from a 20-year-old vineyard, and also receives fruit from the “Treinta y Dos” and “Cincuenta y Cinco” vineyards. The fruit was harvested by hand and no automated mechanization was used at any stage of the production process. The grapes were hand destemmed and sorted before moving to small cement tanks for maceration with occasional punch-downs to maximize extraction of color, fruit and tannins. The grapes were fermented with natural yeasts, and the wine was matured in oak barrels before bottling.
Bodega Chacra "Sin Azufre" Pinot Noir Patagonia 2020
Bodega Chacra "Sin Azufre" Pinot Noir Patagonia 2020 $42.00
Sin Azufre characteristics are soft, balanced, lively, transparent, and extremely energetic with pronounced minerality and well integrated soft tannins.
Bodega Chacra 'Cincuenta Y Cinco' Pinot Noir 2020
Bodega Chacra 'Cincuenta Y Cinco' Pinot Noir 2020 $66.00
Cincuenta y Cinco comes from vineyards planted in 1955 which gently rest on a sea of pebbles, typical in riverbed soils. It is fermented with its whole bunches at very low temperatures, enhancing the floral characteristics of the wine. It is essential 90% whole cluster with the rest of the stems used to make the pied de cuve. Cincuenta y Cinco has the most tension of all of Piero's wines. It is aged in a combination of mostly neutral oak barrels and cement.
Bodega Chacra "Treinta Y Dos" Pinot Noir 2020
Bodega Chacra "Treinta Y Dos" Pinot Noir 2020 $150.00
Treinta y Dos planted in 1932 and nearly dead and done when Piero Incisa della Rochetta landed in Patagonia in 2004. He reclaimed this never grafted unicorn with dedication and biodynamic farming. Piero showed us these wines in summer of 2015, and the combination of old vines and 50% whole cluster pressing forever changed what we thought were the limits of New World pinot noir. The 2012 is darker and more serious than the 2013 sister wine from Cinquenta y Cinco, side by side they dazzle.
Luis Marin

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