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When we opened the shop in Wainscott, NY in January of 2014, we knew we wanted more than just bricks and mortar. We envisioned and engineered a community hub of wine education. Sommeliers on staff, spring and fall tasting workshop series hosted by nationally recognized industry professionals. A progressive layout within the store means wines are merchandised the way we talk about them: producer stories. Old World and New World regions together by grape varietal. Body, weight, texture. Occasion, menu, budget. Innovative, interactive, and wholly wonderful.

Our site should help collectors get to their trove as quickly as any, but our main objective is to bring more discovery to our customers. We mindfully source our world-class assortment from over 50 suppliers; many of them import-direct companies mirroring our commitment to grower-produced wines. A focus on value across all categories and price points, and our promise to taste. Every. Bottle. We are always on call to provide recommendations, answer questions, and help fulfill orders for allocated and rare products. Speak to a real human or leave a message: 631.537.2800 or email our sommeliers at getsomm@wainscottmain.com.

To best throw wide our virtual doors, we've aspired to make some of our in-store magic shippable. For the site, weโ€™ve built in a couple filtering behaviors that encourage you to shop it like our somms!


Pairs of keywords lead you to wines grouped by body, weight, and texture. Descriptions designed to evoke an emotional response โ€” to awaken sense memory: from Bramble & Dusk to Laser Beam & Linear. Sleek & Textured progresses to Taut & Powerful. Aromatic & Honeyed whites served before reds of Blood & Iron. Select from the navigation bar to view a curated list, or jump into a profile from a single product page's detail grid.


At Wainscott Main, we joke around about "breakfast wines", but we seriously know what goes with Hollandaise! Keywords in Mood + Foodโ„ข take you to our sommeliers' suggestions for brunch, dinner for two, or going boating. From the perfect roast chicken white, to that gluggable rosรฉ for your poolside crowd. Mood + Foodโ„ข addresses your budget, with everything from the 1 bottle splurge to our favorite drink-alone reds for weeknight dvr & chill. Select more than one from the navigation bar, and accumulate a combined list of moods + foods, or jump into an individual mood or food from a single product page's detail grid.
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