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Champagne R. Pouillon & Fils Grande Vallée Extra-Brut NV


The Pouillon family are privy to some fantastic terroir in Champagne’s Grande Vallée. Rich and textured, whilst paradoxically elegant and enthrallingly vibrant, these are stunning interpretations of terroir, especially through the eyes of pinot noir, and elaborated with a sensitive hand. Meet the man behind their making.

Fabrice Pouillon may not know it yet, but his celebrity as a sought-after Champagne wine grower is about to take off. In Australia, and indeed from what I hear the world over, sommeliers and fine wine lovers are nabbing every bottle as it comes…and with good reason. Fabrice makes exceptional champagnes. Rich, textured and multi-layered, sparking with energy whilst remaining incredibly elegant. Therein lies his superpower – to achieve this necessary balance between power and delicacy – which sometimes eludes other growers with a heavy hand.

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