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Contratto Rosso Vermouth 750ml


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The first Contratto Vermouth recipes date back to the 1890s. Like many of the era, Contratto Vermouth were produced and consumed only locally. In the 1920s, the vermouth production was extended, recipes were modified, and the majority of Contratto’s output was exported. Contratto Vermouth di Torino was one of the “in” drinks of the 1930s, building the winery to an annual production of 100,000 bottles. Shuttered from the late sixties until the late aughts, Contratto is at last producing and exporting their classic apertivi and digestivi again today!

With recipes older than 100 years and passed on through the generations, Contratto’s full lineup includes traditional Vermouth Bianco and Vermouth Rosso plus an Americano Rosso, and several liqueurs originated in the 1930s: Contratto Bitter & Aperitif, and Contratto Fernet. Under the watchful eye of notorious La Spinetta winemaker Giorgio Rivetti, Contratto remains committed to elevating the quality of bitter beverages. Base distillates and wines are made from estate grapes, grown at Contratto’s UNESCO world heritage site; botanicals and coloration are 100% all natural (and vegan), utilizing pigments from unique ingredients like beets, rosehips and carrots. The spirits themselves are elegant and restrained, but undeniably mouth-watering.

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