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Destilería El Pandillo G4 Premium Tequila Añejo Six Barrels Edition 750ml


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Like with everything else with this brand, extra special care is taken to ensure the highest quality of what this distillery has to offer and their exacting standards are retained. To that end the Camarena family has created this very limited añejo release composed of just 6 exceptional barrels. Extremely limited.

Back in my early days in Tequila, around 2009, whispers of a new distillery from one of the Camarena brothers started floating through the airwaves, and everyone's skin bristled with excitement.  If Felipe was behind it, something magical was coming.  And magical indeed it is. The El Pandillo distillery, situated on a long dirt road in the small highland town of Jesus Maria, is a mastery of engineering and expanded thought on the production of Tequila.  Originally, Felipe exclusively produced G4 at El Pandillo but over the years, the portfolio of expressions has grown, along with our marveling and amazement for the diversity of products that come from a single distillery.  The water source here plays an important role, as El Pandillo has access to three: rainwater catchment, deep well, and natural spring.


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