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Destilería El Pandillo G4 Premium Tequila 'Fermentada de Madera' Blanco 750ml


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elipe Camarena built Destileria El Pandillo honoring heritage and tradition with innovative and eco-forward thinking to create the most sustainable distillery in Mexico, producing amazing tequila and enhancing traditional methods. Felipe engineered alternative energy sources throughout El Pandillo- solar, wind, and water. But tequila quality is why El Pandillo is rated the #1A or #1B the best distillery in the tequila industry.

G4 Tequilas are crafted with unique water sources from our own ranch, and certified to be made using only pure, natural ingredients. 100% authentic and the original model for TMM's Confirmed Additive-Free production. El Pandillo has four generations of experience making the world’s finest tequilas, G4 delivers a beyond-organic experience.

G4 Madera is a limited edition release with hand numbered bottles, Lot 1 in 2022 and now Lot 2 in 2023, which is available today! What makes this expression special is that it is the first ever tequila fully fermented in wood from El Pandillo and the first G4 using mineral water from the deep well.

G4 Madera is crafted using Pandillo's enhanced traditional methods and Felipe knows that the fermentation process is where the magic happens, de Madera is fully fermented in new Pine Wood tanks vs stainless steel. This imparts a great deal of wood flavor into the tequila giving its flavor components of a very young Reposado. The layers of complexity in this G4 are unique and will lead one to ask how long this tequila was rested in a barrel, but is from the wood fermentation and the heavy water.

The nose is green apple and cut grass with the wet cement hints normally found from Pandillo tequilas. The flavor is bold, cooked agave, cracked black pepper and pumpkin pie spices. Overall very nutty, with a oily and silky mouthfeel, clearly additive free, and natural, ripe, agave. Notes of stone fruit, pepper, and spiced agave linger on the finish for minutes.

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