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Domaine Louis Jadot 'Clos de Malte' Santenay 2021


With aromas of ripe red fruits, almonds and earth, this is an elegant wine with depth and potent tannins. It will develop in the bottle for 5 to 10 years.

Serve with game birds and earthy cheeses.

The Clos de Malte is situated on 7 hectares at the head of a small valley, generally well exposed and protected from the wind. The Clos occupies almost all of the 7.8 hectare climat of Sous La Fée, and sits at the foot of a track that runs upwards to the Montagne des Trois Croix. As a ‘Clos’ there is indeed a stone wall around much of this vineyard’s boundary, and also one in the middle too, forming not just a small tier between two elevations, but also marking where a rail-line once existed. The name Clos de Malte has been use since the 1800s, referring to the Chevaliers de Malte*, who had built the church in Saint-Jean. The vineyard was planted by the great-grandfather of Pierre-Henry Gagey, who eventually sold all to the Joly family in 1940. In 1993, Jadot re-purchased the vineyard with the exception of a small area near the house of the Jolys – a ‘cordon sanitaire’ for the Jolys perhaps, yet Jadot still have the contract for those ‘garden’ vines.


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