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Domaine Robert Chevillon Bourgogne Passetoutgrains 2017/2020


The Passetoutgrain (1/3 Pinot Noir, 2/3 Gamay) is aged in 20% new oak, and bottled after approximately 16 months of aging. Typically, masterfully carved and full of class, this bottle shows the Chevillons playful side with plush purple fruit and more lightness than they're used to.

The Chevillon domaine was founded in the late 19th century by Symphorien Chevillon. The domaine is now in the hands of the fourth generation of Chevillons, Denis and Bertrand, who took over from their father Robert when he retired in 2003. Domaine Chevillon is one of the most respected Pinot Noir producers in all of Burgundy, tending premier cru vineyards whose names, when uttered, make lovers of Nuits Saint Georges salivate. And yet, when you enter the Chevillons’ cool, old cellar, you’ll notice not all the barrels have “NSG” written on them. A few are marked instead with “PTG,” containing a nectar that is not fully, or even mostly, Pinot Noir. Inside these barrels of Passetoutgrain (pronounced roughly “pass-two-gran”), you’ll find a rare blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir.

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