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Domaine Vincent Ledy 'Les Beaumonts' Chorey-Les-Beaune 2019


Vincent Ledy is not your average vigneron. He is in his own special way both talented and a bit edgy and tense, in the sense that not all his wines are easy-drinking, middle-of-the-road Burgundies. They are special, vivid wines with a unique freshness and glow that is somewhat difficult to comprehend.

I’m not sure I fully understand what makes his wines special, but old vines do help. Ledy’s experiments with zero-sulphur vinification are another potential explanation. The vinification is in some cases a bit on the radical side, with quite a hint of volatile acidity – although clearly not problematically high. But it does create a certain notable tension in the wines, adding a slightly nervous edge. The wines are charming and tense, with delightful liveliness.

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