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El Dorado Super Premium Demerara 12Yr Rum 750ml

  • El Dorado Super Premium 12 Year Rum is a blended, aged Demerara rum produced by Demerara Distillers Limited, the last remaining distillery in Guyana. Composed of a blend of column and pot still rums distilled from molasses in DDL’s Enmore wooden Coffey still (EHP), Port Mourant wooden vat still (PM), and Diamond Coffey stills (SVW), this rum is aged for a minimum of 12 years in ex-bourbon casks.

    Long hailed as a staple bottle for any rum collection and a gateway into the world of fine, well-aged rum, El Dorado 12 Year serves not only as an incredible cocktail component, but stands on its own as a refined sipping spirit. Marzipan, cherry, and cinnamon lead a nose of fruit, spice, and dry herbs reminiscent of rye whiskey. A rounded palate of baked apple, dried date, clove, and oak tannin finishes with ripe papaya, galangal, and sourdough. Faintly smoky with robust fruit and baking spice, El Dorado 12 Year is a favorite of bartenders and connoisseurs of aged spirits alike. 40% ABV.


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