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El Jolgorio Karwinskii Cenizo Joven Mezcal Black Bottle 750ml


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El Jolgorio Cenizo was one of the first Special Release bottlings introduced in 2015. Like the inaugural edition, 2020's entry is produced by mezcalero Ignacio Parada in the remote village of Santa Maria Zoquitlán. Known lovingly as "Don Chucho," Ignacio Parada was the first mezcalero to join the Casa CortEs collective in 2012 and, historically, has produced a wide variety of exceptional mezcals for the El Jolgorio brand, including Espadin, Tepeztate, Jabalí, Tobala, and Madrecuixe. Intensely vegetal and mineral driven, past bottlings of Don Chucho's Cenizo are highly regarded and difficult to locate. **Producer's Note: The mezcal regulatory group in Mexico does not recognize the name "Cenizo" so the product name on the front label changed in 2018 to simply read "Karwinskii" (the agave family).

Traditional, artisanal mezcal forms an important part of rituals, ceremonies and festivities – known as “Jolgorios” – in villages in our native homeland of Oaxaca, México. Nine unique El Jolgorio Mezcals are made exclusively from different species and varieties of wild-harvested agave by Master Distillers in local indigenous Zapotec villages in Oaxaca, and are twice distilled in copper pot stills. On every bottle is inscribed the species of agave, the age at harvest, the village of production, the name of the Master Distiller, and the batch and lot number so as to truly connect the drinker with the land, people, and plants at the heart and soul of our mezcal. Salud y Dixeebe!

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