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Ellena Giuseppe Barolo del Comune di la Morra 2019

The winery is located in La Morra, but that hasn’t stopped young winemaker, Matteo Ellena from scouring various parts of Piedmont in search of some really unique sites. The estate covers about 15 hectares; hazelnuts cover approximately 8 hectares and vines cover about 4. The rest is woodlands. The current farm was bought by Francesco and Giovanni in 1966. Matteo worked for both Elio Altare of La Morra and Giacoma Bologna of Rocchetta Tanaro. He took the best from both of these world-class producers to frame his concept of Piedmontese varietals. The viticulture is traditional with some sign of modernity the prunings are short and yields per hectare are very low, often obtained with 7 or 8 thinnings. The vineyard management follows the rules of the integrated agriculture, which limits the contribution of synthetic products preferring machining and control methods with low environmental impact.

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