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Goisot 'Exogyra Virgula' Saint-Bris Sauvignon Blanc 2022


The Goisot family hails from the small appellation of Saint-Bris, which geographically speaking, is part of Chablis, but was exiled from the appellation after phylloxera. While the history of winemaking in Burgundy dates back centuries, Jean-Hugues Goisot was among Burgundy's earliest fathers of biodynamic viticulture. His son, Guillaume, maintains this rigorous commitment with the family today. The Goisot family knows that in order to be one of the top producers in Burgundy, especially within an appellation that fought long and hard for a share of the spotlight, the wines would need to shine even brighter. They have a firm understanding of the region’s terroir; their wines consistently radiate quality and value.

Geographically speaking, Saint-Bris should be categorized as part of Chablis; but it was exiled from Chablis after phylloxera, ultimately shifting its main variety to Sauvignon Blanc. Here’s the meaning behind the bottle’s name: “Exogyra” is an extinct genus of fossil marine oysters dating back to the Jurassic era, deposited deep into the earth under the vines; “Virgula” means comma, referring to the curved shape of the oyster shells. The wine also happens to go remarkably well with oysters.

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