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Luigi Calissano Vermouth di Torino Bianco Superiore 750ml


Whats in Calissano Vermouth Bianco? Pure Gavi DOCG; a selection of twelve different kinds of herbs and spices. Sweet and persistent citrus note combined with a spicy complexity that comes mainly from turmeric, zedoary, and cardamom. Complex, pleasantly sweet and with a long, lingering palate. Excellent both as an aperitif, neat or on the rocks with orange zest, or as an ingredient in classic international cocktails. Great at the end of a meal and, last but not least, an excellent meditation wine.

Luigi Calissano used to be a well-known iron merchant in Alba. In 1872 he began to work limited quantities of grapes and after a few years it became the most important wine factory in Alba. Luigi worked alongside his sons getting new marketing strategies and strengthening relations with the American markets and the exclusive contracts for the supplying of wines to several shipping companies.

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