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Oka Kura 'Japanese Bermutto' Sweet Sake Vermouth 720ml


  • A uniquely Japanese interpretation of a classic sweet red vermouth crafted by the Tsutsumi Distillery in the Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan
  • Made from a Junmai sake base and fortified with 100% rice-based shochu
  • Full botanical list includes yomogi (Japanese mugwort), yuzu, kabosu (a high acid citrus fruit), sansho peppercorn, and ume (Japanese green plum)
  • Sweetened with Okinawan raw cane sugar
  • Richer and more robust than the drier, flagship Bermutto with aromas of stewed cherry, orange peel, brown sugar, and wood spice; the palate is bright and acidic with the kabosu and yomogi notably dialed up, lending notes of black tea, tart cherry, and citrus zest; the ume is prominent throughout, providing subtle marzipan and oxidized fruit notes similar to umeshu (Japanese plum liqueur)
  • 18% ABV

Oka Kura Bermutto (a Japanese phonetic spelling of vermouth), continues its exploration of vermouth and aromatized, fortified sake with this sweet expression. Building upon a rebalancing of the four base botanicals of the drier, core Bermutto, Sweet Bermutto incorporates a powerful fifth ingredient: a bitter Japanese plum called ume. Umeโ€™s tart astringency is right at home in this bitter botanical blend and is perfectly complemented and balanced by raw cane sugar from Okinawa.

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