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Portugal Boutique Winery Gorro Vinho Verde Loureiro 2021


The Loureiro comes from two vineyards, about three kilometers from the ocean, each around 40 years of age (these are babies when compared to what you might find in high elevation plots in eastern Portugal, but for Vinho Verde these are ancient).

While most of the vineyard land of Vinho Verde is actually considerably inland, tucked away into the granite mountains of the region, the vineyards of Lima are traditionally planted MUCH closer to the ocean, where the regionโ€™s signature grape, Loureiro, flourishes.
Gorro is a word that generally refers to both the flat caps that you will see worn by older farmers across Europe and the farmers themselves. Gorro is a project which seeks out old vines in Vinho Verde, farmed responsibly, and with very simple yet precise winemaking.

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