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Tequila Ocho 'Puntas' Mesa Colorada Single Estate Plata Tequila 106° Overproof 2023 750ml


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Tasting notes: Highly concentrated flavors of overripe green-field agave, ancho chiles and cracked black pepper; savory salinity, glazed candied yams, salted butterscotch, almonds, green apple, charred pineapple, and tangerine zest. Dark roasted Italian espresso and toasted cocoa nibs bring trace bitter nuances and act as anchoring notes; bright, buttery, sleek.

Nose: Immersive green grassy scents, pine, alpine freshness and warm citrus notes. Reminiscent of setting foot on the agave receiving platform as freshly harvested pinas are being dumped and chopped.

What are the “Puntas” of agave spirits and why does it matter?

The puntas, or “distiller’s cut,” of agave spirits are cut from the very end of the heads and the very beginning of the heart of distillation. They have long been considered the most coveted part of the distillate and are traditionally set aside by the distiller to be enjoyed with friends and family on special occasions. Other high-proof tequilas on the market only use the “heart” cut of distillation, rather than the highly selective cut known as Puntas.

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