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Villa Venti Rubicone IGT Sangiovese 2020

Villa Venti is the inspiring story of an Italian winegrowing family in Emilia-Romagna that believes in a future built with their own hands. In Romagna’s gently-rolling hills, just beyond the Rubicon river, between Roncofreddo, a modest yet magical medieval village, and Longiano, a small town upon which the European Union bestowed its title of “ideal village,” lives a family of three generations that with their smiles and passionate commitment bring forth every day from their corner of earth unique, terroir-driven wines. Their everyday customs, too, spring from that same growing area: the ritual of making sfoglia pastry, the olive and cherry harvests, growing ancient grains that go into the hot ciambelle to greet the day and make their bread, the fruit in each season to make their totally natural sweet-sour savor and marmalades. Style, traditions, culture, rhythms: all exercised within the context of artisanship, of sharing, and of growth, and a way of life that is mindful, sustainable, and respectful of the environment, trees and plants, the grapevine, and man. The Giardini family believes in a philosophy of life that learns from nature, without stress, stands against waste and pollution, and in which organic principles are central and uncompromising.

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