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Volcan de mi Tierra Tequila Blanco 750ml


An expression of our terrior, tequila blanco blends its herbal, citrus, and spice notes indicative of the lowlands with fruits notes of cherry, pear, and peach from the highlands.

100,000 years in the making. We grow in the shadow of the volcano. Eruption shaped our terrain and ash created our fertile soil. A discovery rich in flavor. Our aromas come from the earth. Meticulously developed over millennia, basalt and iron have given birth to the rich, herbal nuances of fresh mint, freshly cut grass, citrus tones, and spices. What makes this land special is the people who have worked it over time. Generation of hands have shaped the terroir. We are relentless optimists. We learned to be patient. Each agave takes 3,250 days to ripen before, at last, it is ready for harvest.

We awaken tradition with new hands. A delicate balance of heritage and modernity transform our agave into tequila. We combine the use of a mampostery oven and slow fermentation in wood tanks with state-of-the-art processes to develop a tequila with unparalleled flavor and aroma.

Uncertainty breed invention. Tequila is a drink that defines our culture. It is a blend of grit and corazón. With a splash of convivencia. We fuse together a new blend. The complexity of our tequila comes from blending the distinct flavors of the highland and lowland agave, bringing together the best of both regions into an extraordinary liquid.

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